Thursday, March 15, 2001

I'm here, just to complain. Ugh, boys stink! I'm so mad at all of them. I'm gonna tell you a story about... Sparkplugs (I'm not gonna use his real name) Ok, so at the begininng of the school year, I noticed I was in every single class with Sparky (it's a small school) and he was so unbelievably hot! He wasn't Abercrombie+Fitch cute (thank god) but he was alternative cute, very nice hair (huge spikes), well built (not lots of muscles, but still nice), beautiful eyes, the whole bit. Very fukking sexy. But anywayz, I decided that, instead of asking him out right away, I'd just be his friend first (what the fuck was I thinking?!?!?) At first, we just talked alot (mainly about Nirvana and Kurt Cobain) I thought he was gay at first, so I just decided not to worry about it, he was a great friend anywayz. I eventually found out he wasn't, but he refused to tell me who he liked. Well, when Sparky never asked me out, I decided to use someone to make him jelous (using people: it sounds mean, but it's soo helpful... and fun) So, I went out with.. BBB (yes his other ex and I actually call him that) He was soooo ugly and weird and stupid. Sparky eventually got jelous, but even before that, he started writing me notes and stuff. BBB was a pain in the ass, but I took him everywhere with me anywayz. Sparky, some other friends and I had a report due, so we were meeting at Sparky's house after school. BBB was acting sooo stupid, and Sparky was being really supportive of me cause he could see that I was getting sick of BBB. One day, my mom let me ditch school to go shopping for food with her for Thanksgivng (this was very weird because my mom hated me, but she reallly needed help) We went to the store, and decided to go shopping and out to eat too. We were really getting along (a revolutionary day) When I got home, the first person I called was Sparky(which was weird that I'd call him first, even though I still liked BBB, keeping him there for security purposes only) And I asked what happened at school today and he said, " OMG, hun, there was a drug bust today and your boyfriend was caught with weed" Silence. "Shan, did you hear me, your boyfrie-" "Don't call him that! He's not my boyfriend" Sparky said, "Misty (who was supposedly my friend) is the one who told on them" I told him that it was not cool of him to lie to me like that. I called BBB and asked how he was, and he was all like, "There's something I gotta tell you" and I told him I knew what happened, and when he asked how, I told him Sparky told me. He hated, actually, he still does hate Sparky, and was pissed I didn't call him first. After bitching him out for almost 2 hours, I told him that I didn't want to be around someone like him (he only got caught cause he was showing every one his weed and wanted to fit in, I told him to save the BS for his psyciatrist) and I broke up with him. Ugh, so of course, I called Sparky right back and didn't even say Hi, all I said was, "I broke up with him, " and started crying (I NEVER cry in front of other people, EVER!) He was so supportive. I told him I'd call him back in a few, and called my friend, Stiches(a girl) she told me that Sparky liked me even before I was going out with BBB, she told me that the only reason he put up with BBB was to respect me. She told me about how the day we were over at Sparky's house for the project, the second I left, he told Stiches that he liked me sooo much. She told me some other things too, but I'm not gonna post them here. Ugh, knowing this created some weird vibes when Sparky and I were around each other. One day, (lets see, I broke up with BBB the day before Thanksgiving, and this was on the first day of winter break) Sparky IMed me saying he had something to tell me. He told me that all the times he and I were sitting in his room, gossiping about people, and all the times I tried to get him to tell me who he liked, it ended up, he liked me. He asked me out and I was so fucking happy, I hadn't smiled since before breaking up with BBB. It suddenly dawned on me last night, when looking through all the old notes from BBB, that Sparky wrote me just as many, and he was sooo much sweeter than BBB. However, we were kinda dating, but had to keep it quiet, cause BBB is very violent and would try to kill Sparky if he knew we were going out. It was all good though. Things didn't really work between Sparkplugs and I. We still like each other a lot, but I think we're better as friends. Anywayz, Why I was saying boys suck, is because Sparky likes me and everything, but he can be really, really mean. AND, I was talking to Stiches again and she cared to inform me that Ozzy and Squishy totally liked me too, but were to shy to tell me. Ozzy is SUCH a hottie, better than Sparky. Squishy is better kept as a friend. but why can't guys ever talk for themselves. THey always have their friends approach me, and I end up liking them better than the boy who refuses to talk. Ugh, complaining is fun.

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Hello, I'm Princess Pigtails, you may know me from such Blogs as, "Obsesser and Whiner" (I'm the whiner), "Blog Witch Project" and "Cat: The other white meat" I'm an anorexic Narcissist (who can't spell) and has a grudge against ignorant, naive, Perma-Prozac preppies whos mission in life is to prove me stupid. Yuck, don't like them. The sole purpose of this Blog is to inform you about my life and everyone around me (future Linda Tripp of the world) I just transfered to a huge public school in the middle of a high class city and everyone is trying their best to be ghetto. Yeah right... Anywayz, more about me. I like sparkley fluffy pink stuff (mainly to contradict the happy people of the world) I laugh in the face of religion. It's a bunch of bullshit. It's for people who can't guide themselves through life, so they look for some of the worlds biggest hoax's to excuse themselves of ignorance. I'm absolutely obsessed with music. I love heavy rock, punk, and grunge (a combination of the above two) Well, I'm off, I'll post whenever I want, read, it should be a good laugh (seeing as most of my life is a big joke) See ya later (hoping you don't die before the next time you read this, knowing my wonderful people skills though, you probably will) So long for now!